Richmond VA Doula: 3-2-1 The year is almost over!

A beautiful baby arrived on Friday morning bringing my finally number of births attended to 70 at the end of almost 4 years as a birth doula. I love what I do. And if I have discovered anything in the last few years as a doula, its this. It doesn’t matter if all I did was sit next to the bed of a mom who had an epidural and just needed a hand to hold, a quiet voice and a listening ear…or I spent 5 hrs half in a birthing pool massaging the back of a laboring mom…..what I do matters, has value!!! I have seen it over and over again….the benefits of having a doula present at a birth are huge. Use a doula, recommend a doula, give the gift of a doula to a pregnant friend….spread the word about what we do. If you don’t know, call me. I would  love to talk about the benefits of having a doula.