Richmond VA Doula: Blessings

The past few weeks have brought about such great things for All Things Doula: Doula Services! As I try to learn new things and promote my business, its so amazing to see the growth that has happened. All Things Doula is now completely booked with some amazing families for the months of July and August. This is such a blessing to have no availability! We are now open to take clients for late September! Stay tuned for some new things being offered. 11076291 950406228333614 1360642313892744789 n Richmond VA Doula: Blessings

Richmond VA Doula: Doulas….what we do!

A great article talking about what doulas can do for you! It says what we do, and what we don’t do. How we support your support people and how we can support you during pregnancy, during delivery, and in that early postpartum period. Educate yourself so you can have everything you need to have the experience you want and deserve!