Fredericksburg VA Doula: New Things on the Horizon

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New things are under development at All Things Doula this week

I have been working for the past 2 weeks on new things. As always there are a variety of things that I do to maintain a doula business. Recently its involved a breastfeeding photo shoot and working on add-on ideas to the services I offer.

This handsome boy played his part during the photo shoot that happened. Isn’t he sweet?

RichmondVADoulaBabyBreastfeeding e1493338462969 Fredericksburg VA Doula: New Things on the Horizon
Cormac James

Check out my facebook page: this week to see how you can help me figure out what mommas are looking for during pregnancy. I could use more voices with an opinion.

Richmond VA Doula: Baby Callum

Each birth is so unique! I am so glad I have the opportunity to serve and support the moms that cross my path! Here is another testimony of an All Things Doula baby! 

DSCN79961 1024x576 Richmond VA Doula: Baby Callum

My first delivery was rough; intervention led to more intervention. So when we found out we were expecting again, I dove into researching other options. It was in that research that I learned about doulas, what they do, and eventually found Sarah. I set up a meeting to chat about what I wanted, to hear her experiences, and we ended up talking for three hours! I felt so comfortable and at ease right from the start.

Sarah was always ready to answer my questions and responded very quickly. I’m not even sure how many times I sent her a text, “Is this normal?” even though this was my second baby only to have her respond in just a few minutes with an answer. When I went into labor, she was there as soon as I was being moved into a labor and delivery room. Sarah helped me get through contractions for as long as I could and then supported my decision on pain medication. During labor, Sarah took some fantastic pictures that are truly treasures. After my son was born, Sarah stood by me and told me what a fantastic job I did and how beautiful he was. With how intense labor can be, it was so nice and comforting to hear both of those things.

Sarah helped to support me and my husband during pregnancy, labor and delivery, and even postpartum. She came and visited baby and me in the hospital and also came to my house when he was about a week old. Now he’s nearly 7 weeks old, and I still text postpartum questions! I cannot recommend her enough. If I ever have another child, the first person I’m calling after family is Sarah.

DSCN80111 1024x576 Richmond VA Doula: Baby Callum

Richmond VA Doula: New things have arrived!

All Things Doula has decided to to branch out and expand our horizon starting October 1st!  Apart from us already offering Birth Doula services and postpartum servicese we are now offering a new class.  This class is called All Things Pregnancy and Baby! Its listed under the “What I do” tab on our website. This class will cover the basics of pregnancy, labor, delivery, postpartum along with resources and handouts on various topics pertaining to childbirth. This is done in a one-on-one setting with me and a single couple. Please contact me for date/time availability, as well as cost. This class is currently being offered at a discounted rate to help get the word out that we are expanding! Please spread the word about All Things Doula and the class we offer now, as well as future classes to come.

I decided to start branching out into teaching some childbirth prep classes because I enjoy what I do. I am passionate about preparing moms and dads for the normals of delivery, as well as the preparation for whatever kind of delivery you want! Each class with an individual couple will receive a class tailored for their needs and wants for their delivery. 11076291 950406228333614 1360642313892744789 n Richmond VA Doula: New things have arrived!