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After talking with some friends and listening to others share their positive experiences with doulas, we decided to do our homework and find the right person for us.  Having our first child was a little intimidating, and being far away from a traditional family support system added to our worries.  When we set out to interview candidates, we thought there would be many.  After meeting with Sara, however, we both instantly knew she was the right person to guide us through our first childbirth. She is knowledgeable and up-to-date on the latest medical “trends” in pregnancy and childbirth, but has plenty of common sense and doesn’t advocate for anything unless you want her to. She is an attentive listener and has a calming presence.  She is respectful and never pushy, and works hard to include the father in every step, which was very important to us. Sara tailored everything to our situation.  Working in different towns over an hour away from our hospital during the day, we had plenty of concerns. Having the peace of mind that she could come to us at a moment’s notice was invaluable. When the time came, she was right there, and stayed by our side through a long and difficult labor.  The experience truly would not have been the same without her.  Sara was our rock.  She also went the extra mile in many ways, and helped set a wonderful mood in the labor and delivery room. She thinks of so many details that most people never would and takes care of them all for you. Those little details really made our overall experience memorable and wonderful.  If and when the time comes again, we plan to have Sara by our side.  She will always have a special place in our hearts!

The Ellingtons

Sarah was amazing during the birth of our first child.  She checked in often during the weeks/days leading up to delivery.  She was super encouraging as we anxiously waited and went 13 days past our due date.  Sarah really helped my husband stay relaxed and be the best coach during labor.  She helped us through tough intervention decisions when labor wasn‘t progressing as we had hoped.  Sarah was with us for around 20 hours, took beautiful pictures during delivery, and made sure we had everything we needed after our daughter arrived.  She continues to check in on us even 10 weeks after delivery.  We are so grateful to have had Sarah as our doula and now our friend!


She was amazing! As soon as she arrived I felt like I could relax and have my baby. She used acupressure to help speed up my contractions and pain relief. Also, we have some beautiful pictures as keepsakes as well. I highly recommend her!

~ Amber & Baby William

Sarah was an absolute angel!! After we found out that I wouldn’t be able to have a natural, at home birth, she gave me the option to cancel our contract. But since I had had negative experiences in a hospital before, I was nervous about having to give birth in a hospital. I asked Sarah to stay on as my doula, to help me keep calm and optimistic. She did EXACTLY that! When my water broke, she was at the hospital within minutes of us arriving, and she was such a calming presence during the experience. She helped me breath through the contractions and laugh about what was going on. And then she gave my husband her camera so he could take pictures of when we met our baby girl in the operating room. And she edited the pictures and made them beautiful 😀 The postpartum visits were excellent and personal, and she was so patient with me, answering all my first-time mom questions.  I would highly recommend Sarah as a doula for anyone, no matter how you bring your beautiful baby(ies) into this world. She is professional but personable, and works with you. I can’t speak highly enough of how much I felt taken care of, and that Sarah really wanted me and my husband to have a beautiful experience as we transitioned into parenthood.

~ Leighann, Peter, and Baby Sarah

I wanted to have an unmedicated birth out of the hospital. My husband and I decided to use the Family Birth and Wellness center and Dr. Poppy suggested we find a doula. I had contacted several doulas who were all booked for my due date and I was becoming discouraged. Then we found Sarah. From the beginning Sarah was amazing. She was very supportive of our decision to use the birth center. She kept in touch with me every week and was reassuring for a first time mom. I cannot tell you how many times I call her with questions; she always responded fast and with helpful information. I grew anxious after passing my due date and every little pain was the start of labor.  I sent so many texts saying I was having contractions and that never turned into labor. She was patient and encouraging.  When I finally went into labor almost 2 weeks past my due date, I put her to work.  It all started at 7pm on a Tuesday and baby was not in my arms untll after 11pm on Wednesday! For 28 hours Sarah was by my side. She worked well with the staff at the birth center and made it so that my husband never had to leave my side. She took some amazing pictures of my birth. Sarah was even great when we made a very early morning phone call when our new baby cried all night and we did not know what else to do.  She came over that day and showed us the 5 S’s(ask her about those). Sarah was just awesome! I tell every mom to be that they need a doula and I know the one to call. Thank You Sarah!

~Brad, Holly & Baby Chevelle

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Baby Chevelle

“We were matched with Sarah after our birthing class instructor recommended her. This was our first birthing experience. I always wanted a doula and dreamed of having a fast, efficient birthing process. My goal was to have a completely natural(no-medical-intervention) birth. It’s funny how babies change everything. I did get my natural birth, but the fast, efficient labor I dreamed of was just that, a dream. I ended up having prodromal back labor for 5 days before having Fiona towards the end of day 6. Sarah really helped us have confidence to keep moving forward, get rest when we could, and check in to see what progress I was actually making. We had tried to fix baby positioning with “cat-cows” and chiropractic care. She even came to the house, timed contractions, and we decided to get to the hospital “just in time” only to find out I had stalled once again. She ensured me we would figure out the prodromal labor and get this kid out. It was day 5 of labor with minimal progress, so Sarah suggested I see a local chiropractor (mine’s 45 mins away) to check my pelvic bones for alignment again. I saw her suggested Dr. on Tuesday evening and Fiona was out that next night. On Fiona’s birthday, I was on the phone with Sarah pretty much non-stop. I met with my OB that afternoon, Sarah waited patiently for an update. I got to my OB’s office at a 9/10 and we rushed to the hospital to start pushing. Sarah met us there. She was calm and focused. I was exhausted from 6 days of labor – she encouraged me that I could finish the process and get my child out. She helped my husband, reassured him he was doing everything he could, and also re-communicated some things my doctor was telling me but I wasn’t processing effectively. Fiona arrived after 61 minutes of pushing. Sarah took priceless photos of her first moments in the world outside my tummy. We love her, she is amazing! Once you are pregnant, go to a birthing class and get Sarah as your doula!! You won’t regret it ;)”

~ Carson, Michaela, and Baby Fi


“Sarah was absolutely amazing to have to help me through my delivery. She took notes the entire time she was there and helped give the nurses and doctors information that would not have been known if she had not been there. Sarah was also full of helpful information about the processes and procedures I was going through. I would recommend Sarah to anyone! She made my stressful labor SO much easier on my boyfriend and I. I can’t thank her enough!” ~ Claire L. and Baby Zoe

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“Sarah is just so wonderful, and I do not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who is looking for a doula! My husband and I were so grateful for her presence during labor and delivery, and I honestly don’t think I would have made it though 43 hours of labor without her support and encouragement. We met a few times before going into labor to discuss my “as-natural-as-possible” hospital birth plan, and she helped me weigh all of the options by giving pros and cons and pointing me to credible research when needed. Sarah was always a phone call or text away, which was very helpful during my labor false alarms. She did also prepare me for the fact that anything could happen during labor and that I needed to be flexible with my birth plan. It’s a good thing she did; NOTHING went as planned. She also supported me through a not-so-supportive OB experience. I will spare the details from those 43 hours, but I can say that Sarah was an essential part of my birth team. I had to make very difficult decisions, and she helped me to be rational, thorough, and sane during the times when I was delirious from the pain and sleep deprivation. She is also funny, sweet, and laid-back (even though I caused her to have major sleep deprivation), which was pretty important and refreshing during the most stressful moments of my life. During labor, she just seemed like part of my family, and she will always have a special place in my heart.” ~ Lesley B. and Baby Annabelle

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“When I first found out I was pregnant I knew that a doula was a must.  The decision to hire a doula is one each makes for their own reasons; and in our case, we had several.  Personally, I wanted to have a completely natural childbirth and as such a doula is an almost must.  I also knew that since this was our first birth experience we would need someone to help us make informed decisions during a time of confusion, excitment, and pain.  Sarah helped tremendously with all of this.  From preparation, to answering questions/text messages at sporadic times leading up to labor, to helping us make the right decisions for us at the time of birth.

Perhaps our most important reason for hiring Sarah, and one that does not seem to get much mention, is to have someone there to help my husband during the labor process.  As difficult as it is for women to be in labor, it is a significantlay different and in many ways more intensely difficult for the partners who love us to watch us go through pain and suffering.  As my husband put it “Watching you go through those contractions was awful.  I wanted so much to help you and felt like there was nothing I could do.  I remember the moment Sarah walked through the door.  I immediately sighed in relief.  Honestly, I don’t know what I would have done without additional support like Sarah during this intense time.”  This was especially true considering we are relatively new in town and our family live hundreds of miles away.

Thank you Sarah for helping to support us in making the difficult decisions and for being with us physically and emotionally during this painful yet oh so beautiful time of childbirth.” ~ Gina M.

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“Having Sarah as my doula was so wonderful! She made a great birth experience even better for this first time mama! Even before I found out I was pregnant, I was pretty sure I wanted to have a doula when it came time to have my baby. I had heard so many positive things about having doula support during labor/ delivery so several months into my pregnancy I began the search. When I first met Sarah, I knew she would be fabulous! She is so passionate about what she does, and she really cares about making sure you have the best birth experience possible!  I was induced on a Wednesday morning. It was uneventful for the first while, and I was able to enjoy some good laughs and relaxing moments before contractions started picking up. After my doctor broke my water, I was able to put Sarah to work. =) I was never nervous when I thought about having my baby, but it is amazing how all that calmness goes out the window when you are in the middle of those hard contractions! Sarah was great in helping me work through each contraction and also helped my husband in helping me relax. At 7:30 that evening, Beckham Reed was born and what a handsome little boy he was! =) I am so glad Sarah was there to take pictures. She was able to capture those priceless moments as my husband and I met our son for the very first time! I will forever cherish those pictures. Thank-you, Sarah, for all the time you invested in meeting with us and supporting my husband and I in our first birth experience. You are fabulous! =)” ~ Sam, Jennifer & Beckam Y.

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“I had a rocky history with pregnancy prior to becoming pregnant with Brantley. My oldest was a c-section after 30 hours of labor and very little support. 10 years later I became pregnant with my first son, William. I became very adamant with him that I wanted to have a VBAC. I had done research and was learning about doulas when we got the devastating news that he had no heartbeat. I delivered my precious angel at 24 weeks. When we made the decision to try again, I started researching and talking to doulas before I got pregnant with Brantley. I planned on delivering in Harrison, AR and there was no one in town that was a doula. I talked with Sarah and found that she would be willing to be our doula when and if we were able to become pregnant. Ironically I became pregnant within the next month. The entire pregnancy was very stressful and emotional. Sarah was always a text or phone call away. At least once a week she would talk with me and just check and see how I was doing not just physically but emotionally. I continued my focus on a VBAC until at 31 weeks I learned that there was a policy change at the hospital with staffing in regards to a VBAC. I immediately talked to Sarah about the options I had and what we should do. My husband and I decided after a lot of talking and tears (hormones) we decided that a c-section would be our best option because we couldn’t bear the thought of taking a chance on something happening to our rainbow baby. C-section was scheduled and when we walked into the hospital at 5 that morning Sarah was right there with us. She kept me at ease until they took me to the operating room. She was so helpful after, getting what I needed and she took some amazing pictures. One of the most emotional moments that I am so glad she was able to capture was my daughter meeting her little brother. It brings tears to my eyes every time I look at the picture because the moment I remember so vividly was captured so beautifully. Sarah even came to our house after we came home from the hospital to check on us. Doulas are such a key resource to mommas no matter what your situation and I am so glad we were able to have Sarah as ours.”

Jacque H.

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“My first delivery was rough; intervention led to more intervention. So when we found out we were expecting again, I dove into researching other options. It was in that research that I learned about doulas, what they do, and eventually found Sarah. I set up a meeting to chat about what I wanted, to hear her experiences, and we ended up talking for three hours! I felt so comfortable and at ease right from the start. Sarah was always ready to answer my questions and responded very quickly. I’m not even sure how many times I sent her a text, “Is this normal?” even though this was my second baby only to have her respond in just a few minutes with an answer. When I went into labor, she was there as soon as I was being moved into a labor and delivery room. Sarah helped me get through contractions for as long as I could and then supported my decision on pain medication. During labor, Sarah took some fantastic pictures that are truly treasures. After my son was born, Sarah stood by me and told me what a fantastic job I did and how beautiful he was. With how intense labor can be, it was so nice and comforting to hear both of those things. Sarah helped to support me and my husband during pregnancy, labor and delivery, and even postpartum. She came and visited baby and me in the hospital and also came to my house when he was about a week old. Now he’s nearly 7 weeks old, and I still text postpartum questions! I cannot recommend her enough. If I ever have another child, the first person I’m calling after family is Sarah.”   ~ Kay K. and Baby Callum

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“Sarah was wonderful! I could not imagine my labor and delivery without her. Sarah was so accomodating and friendly in all of our prenatal meetings. She answered all of my questions and made me feel so comfortable about the birthing process. When I went into labor she was right over when we were ready and was a consistent support through a long and painful back labor. My husband also appreciated her support, encouragement and extra hands (providing hand holding and pressure through contractions) after many hours since it was a new experience for us both. I highly recommend her to anyone thinking of hiring doula! I now think of her as a great friend. :)”  ~ Bethany T. and Baby Blair

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“Sarah contacted me quickly after I reached out through her website. She set up an appointment to meet with me. During our meeting she explained her services and wanted to know what I wanted from her. I made the decision to hire her and paid a deposit. I appreciated the fat that she had a lenient payment plan that allowed for multiple payments over time. She met with me several more times before my due date, going over any wants or concerns I had. The day my water broke, I contacted her and she replied very quickly. We stayed in contact over the phone (though she offered to come to my house,I didn’t feel like that was necessary) until I decided to go to the hospital. She was at the hospital by the time we arrived and stayed until after the baby was born. She took pictures that I thoroughly treasure and was a great help during the labor, reminding me how to breathe and giving me pointers on  how to relax between contractions (I had an unmedicated VBAC). She continues to check in on me since the birth of my daughter two months ago. I would (and have) highly recommend her as a doula to anyone wanting additional support during their pregnancy and delivery.” ~ Shaye S. and Baby Marleigh

“I can’t say enough about how wonderful our birth experience was with Sarah as our doula. Being a first time mom, and the first of my friends to have a child, I had no idea what to expect with pregnancy, labor, or a newborn. From our first meeting with Sarah, she was so helpful and took her time answering all of our questions. I wasn’t sure at first if I would even need a doula, especially since I was planning on having a traditional hospital birth with an epidural, but I’m so happy that we decided to go ahead and schedule an appointment. We were immediately comfortable with Sarah, and she helped us decide exactly what we wanted for our birth plan. I especially appreciated that she didn’t try to talk us into any specific plan or convince me to try natural birth, but instead gave us information on all of our options, let us know that she was there to support us no matter what are wishes were, and even asked us questions about our birth plan that we hadn’t thought about. My husband and I had decided early on that we didn’t want any friends or family present at the birth, and Sarah was very supportive of our decision. I was terrified of having a c-section, and I had read so many stories about hospitals pushing c-sections if labor was delayed, so having Sarah there to voice my concerns when I was in labor was so helpful. Sarah checked in on us frequently during my pregnancy, sometimes to see if we needed help with any preparations, and sometimes just to allow me to talk out some of my fears and concerns. I wanted to wait as long as I could to go to the hospital once I was in labor, and Sarah was right there helping me keep track of how quick I was progressing. As soon as I left for the hospital, Sarah was there, her overnight bag in hand, ready to help in anyway possible. During labor, Sarah was extremely helpful, taking care of both me and my husband, and keeping us calm. When it was finally time to push, Sarah somehow managed to still be helpful, and take some amazing pictures of my daughter’s birth, that I absolutely cherish. Sarah stayed with me for a few hours after the birth until I was comfortable, and came to check on us while we were in the hospital. After we came home, Sarah stopped by frequently to check on us, even if just to watch my daughter while I took a quick shower. I am so thankful that we decided to work with Sarah. I can’t imagine our birth story without her. Even though I was originally unsure if we needed a doula, I tell everyone I know that it’s an absolute necessity that you won’t regret, and Sarah is the absolute best. Thank you Sarah for everything!”    ~ Andy, Jamie & Evynne

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“Sarah was my doula and she was great. Always there to answer questions. When I told her I was going in to have baby she rushed right over. Sarah was very helpful, a good distraction when I was having contractions to be able to talk to and not concentrate on contraction so much. She stayed quite awhile after I had baby and was checking in on me after I came home. Sarah came over to help me with things and was a great asset. I was even able to go to store when sarah was over and not worry about taking my newborn with me.” ~ Carah A. and Baby Tuk

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“I have never met someone who is as passionate as Sarah Newton is about babies. Being a Doula is truly the perfect “job” for her because she loves it so much. As far as my own personal experience, Sarah was a complete pillar of support throughout my whole pregnancy, labor and post-partum experience. Anytime I had questions, she was always there to take my phone calls, listen and answer my questions. Her personality is so warm and caring. She will make you laugh – even when you are in pain! I couldn’t have gotten though getting my epidural without her. She stayed with me even when my husband had to leave the room and held me through the whole thing. Her positive encouragement gave me the strength to get through. She was so sweet to check in with me even after our little girl was born and we were at home. Thanks to Sarah, I made it through. I couldn’t imagine having another Doula. Sarah is such a special person to me and I am so happy she was there to welcome our new baby girl into this world. Thank you Sarah!” ~Mollie C. and Amelia Rose

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“Having Sarah as my doula was such a blessing! I could not imagine going through my birth without her being there to comfort me and help through all the many questions that I had. The support was fantastic and I will use her for any future pregnancies.”  ~ Alliena, in honor of Alexys AnnaJoy


“Sarah was my doula for my daughter’s birth. It was a very difficult pregnancy, but she was with me every step of the way. She not only gave physical support during my labor, but was also there for me emotionally and mentally. I honestly don’t know how I could have made it through such a rough time without her and I feel blessed to have had her as my doula.” ~Shannon S. and Baby Jaylah

“Doulas were a whole new concept to me when I first contacted Sarah. This was my second pregancy, and I knew I could be facing labor alone. Right away Sarah was so warm and understanding, it instantly gave me a feeling that I had a support system ready for me. She really listened to what was important to me about my birth plan and helped me understand what her role was in labor and how she could support me when the time came. Sarah arrived at the hospital the second I needed her, and she did everything from getting our room smelling like home with Scentsy warmers, to massaging me and applying counter pressure during the transition phase. When the contractios were mild she talked to me and kept my mind distracted, and when it was time to cut the umbilical cord she was right there taking pictures. Beyond that, she came to my house for 10 hours to help me as I was adjusting to life with two children. I would absolutely have Sarah as my doula again, and cannot say enough good things about the services she provides” ~ Megan C. and Baby Phinley

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“Having Sarah as my Doula was a blessing and makes me even more of a believer in having a Doula for your pregnancy and post-partum! I had wanted a Doula for my first pregnancy but unfortunately we could not make it happen.  I met Sarah by chance through the recommendation from a mutual friend and it turns out she had been the Doula for our other friends as well and they had nothing but rave reviews for Sarah.  It was meant to be! She was willing to work with us and negotiate a payment plan even which really helps out for stay-at-home Moms or those who will not be returning to work right away.  Having Sarah as my Doula really helped me ease my anxiety’s that I had regarding my birth plan.  She is very professional and knowledgeably, but at the same time she is warm and inviting and really cares about her clients.  Sarah is also extermely prompt and was able to arrive to the hospital for the birth within minutes as I went into a very quick labor and had my daughter within 24 minutes. I picked the day of her husband’s birthday party to go into labor but that did not matter to her.  Sarah was right by my side and assisted with me being able to give birth without an epidural.  She was with us after the birth and once we came home provided her awesome knowledge and advice.   Sarah was always a text or phone call away and has even become someone who if I have any questions she still is willing to give her advice.  I would recommend using Sarah as your Doula to anyone if they want to really have an awesome birth experience”! ~ Tara K, and Baby Rose

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