Postpartum Services

My current fee pays for all of my time spent with and on the preparation for your child’s birth, my experience, and postpartum services offered. This is a reflection of over 1300 hrs of experience that I have spent serving and supporting women and their families before, during, and after pregnancy.

Birth & Extended Postpartum Package


Includes everything with the birth doula package (for details, see the birth services tab), as well as 10 postpartum hours, which includes postpartum support, baby care, and how to assimilate to bringing baby home. The 10 extra hours are to be used within the first 8 weeks post-delivery and will be split into two sets of 4 hour increments and a finally one of 2 hours.

Extra Postpartum Support

For those who need the following:

  • First time parents
  • Any and all parents
  • Other children at home
  • Needing extra help with breastfeeding, parenting, soothing techniques and more
    • 4 hour postpartum visit – $100 (daytime only)
    • “Extra hands” postpartum shift / 5 hrs from 6-11pm (or 5-10pm) – $125
    • 10 hour overnight support – $225
    •  You can also request bigger packages between 50 to 200+ hours
    • * any travel time over an hour will incur a $15 gas/travel fee

“Love the Postpartum Mommy” Package


  • Mini feeding photo session (breast or bottle feeding) (5-8 edited photos)
  • Acupressure session: stress/tension, breast health, mastitis help, and promoting a healthy milk supply
  • Treat: Energy Bites or Lactation Muffins
  • 20 minute session to process birth, tips and/or recipes

Total length of time: 60-75 minutes

Breastfeeding Visit


  • 2 hour visit
  • Referrals if necessary
  • Resources
  • Tools to help promote a successful breastfeeding journey
  • Encouragement
  • Acupressure to help with neck and back tention / healthy milk supply / to help prevent mastitis
DSCN13212 e1504191502638 Postpartum Services

Doula support helps bonding with baby and breastfeeding support and can including breastfeeding photos too.