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Valentine’s Day! Happy Love day to all my clients: then, now, and coming! People love to make a big deal about random holidays! I feel like it can be over-rated sometimes. I swear by life being about the little things! So make every day a love day. Show your appreciate to your spouse, those babies, toddlers, and teenagers often; not just one or two days a year.

Also, enjoy Valentine’s Day, and hopefully there is a bit chocolate on this day for you!

Now that that is off my chest! Hello mid-February! My plans for you continue to be thwarted by gorgeous babies arriving. Not that I am complaining! Who doesn’t love a squishy baby who arrives into the world bringing a whole new understanding of the meaning of love?

Plans for February have been about being really consistent with postings things, but I am still working on relevant content for pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. I am also getting better about blogging on a regular basis so that I always have new things going up on my website! I want there to be good information on my website so that anyone who ends up on my page can find something helpful for their journey.

The next two weeks I will have an updated resource page, as well as new ways to stay in communication with me during our journey as client and doula. I might even get crazy and do a video. Stay tuned….

To follow my current happenings:

To see my current availability:


Hello! I thought it was past time to do an introduction! My name is Sarah Newton! I recently moved to Fredericksburg, Virginia after serving birth and postpartum clients for the last 3 years in the Richmond area. Prior to that I spent 6 years serving families in Missouri.

AllThingsDoulaVersions ColorIcon Hello

I am loving the area, and working on submersing myself in the birthing community! It’s hard to know what everyone would like to know about me, but here we go.

I began my doula journey 9 years ago! My first doula baby was born January 21st, 2011. I took a DONA birth doula training and have been certified since. I even had the pleasure of doing the training under the doula I had with my daughter. This was followed by 2 DONA postpartum trainings! It’s hard to believe I am 9 years into this doula work. I didn’t even know I was passionate about birth until I had a doula and things just sort of seemed to fall into place.


In the last 9 years, I have attended over 134 births, 30+ postpartum families supported, and have spent hundreds of hours helping families transition into this new period of life. Nothing about what I do is boring and I love every part of being a doula.

To continue this introduction, I am a 37 years old, married, with 2 kids. This journey has followed my husband through multiple job changes that have officially brought us to Fredericksburg, Virginia. I have spent the last few months working on meeting new doulas, checking out the local hospitals, giving my website a face lift, and getting ready for all the amazing things that 2020 has to offer. Which leads me to the following: availability!!!

I am currently available for new clients for the following:

March: 2 births (postpartum availability on a case to case basis, depending on client needs)

April: 2 births (postpartum availability on a case to case basis, depending on client needs)

May: 1 birth (postpartum availability on a case to case basis, depending on client needs)

June: 2 births (postpartum availability on a case to case basis, depending on client needs)

July: 2 births (postpartum availability on a case to case basis, depending on client needs)

** Introduction to what I do via free consultations are always an option! That way we can truly see if we are a good fit for client/doula**

I would love to chat with you and see if we are a good fit! Click to take you to my contact page! I look forward to hearing from you!

You can also follow me on my Instagram (@allthingsdoula) account!

And my Facebook page is another way for us to connect!

4th Trimester / Postpartum Doula

4th Trimester


Let’s talk about what happens after birth! It’s a big change, different than pregnancy, and certainly different than labor and delivery. Now, after waiting for 9 months, you can finally see your sweet baby’s face. All that time waiting and they have arrived. And then, what do you do? 4th Trimester, postpartum, whatever word you want to call it. It’s a big change! How can it be made a bit easier?


As a birth doula, I definitely spend some time talking about what comes after the baby arrives. We talk about what to expect, how to prepare, and what happens if you need more help than you thought. Expectations can throw us for a loop, sometimes our recoveries are so smooth, other times its kind of bumpy. Honestly, it really doesn’t matter how the recovery looks, having support makes such a difference. If there is ever a time to have extra hands, listening ears, pep talks, and encouragement….it’s right after having a baby.

After baby…

Sore, tired, swollen, breastfeeding, need a shower, snacks, hungry no starving…these are just a few things that might occur after delivery. I am of the mind that having someone to come to your house and help soothe the transition in your house after baby arrives is one of the greatest ideas EVER.

First up, when breastfeeding, SNACKS ARE LIFE!!!

DSCN3557 watermarked 1024x688 4th Trimester / Postpartum Doula
4th Trimester Postpartum Snacks


Seems like a great idea to have someone you trust pop over with a pep talk, magical doula powers in their hands, and a bag with snacks for all those breastfeeding and new postpartum mom cravings.

A postpartum doula can help in so many ways, including but not limited to: holding baby so you can shower, eat, and nap; prepare food, light household duties (maybe starting some laundry, doing up some dishes), organizing things around the house to make it easier to care for baby, bringing snacks or food (this will be an add-on to All Things Doula’s packages soon), as well as offer encouragement to new parents. We also bring education into the mix and help support you as you are in a new role and learn your baby’s cues and needs.

You can find information in so many places about the benefits of doulas. Here is just one link to help you learn more about what I do.

Postpartum Doula

June has lots of space for me to support and help you during your postpartum time! Contact me soon to book your time!