Richmond VA Doula: Change has arrived!


All Things Doula is my passion! Born out of my love of helping support women and their families as they welcome their babies into this world. A passion for doula work began to take shape almost 7 years ago when I had a doula for my second delivery. It took on a life of its own, and in February of 2011 I did my birth doula training, and continued my path to getting certified. All Things Doula made its debut in April of 2014.  As a result, doula work has continued to be an avenue of direction for my passion ever since. And now some change…

As fall fast approaches in 2016, it will start with a big change

All Things Doula is moving!!!

I am so excited by the new adventures that await, and the families I will serve! As of Saturday, September 10th, 2016 All Things Doula: Doula Services will be serving the Richmond, Virginia and surrounding areas.

This doula is very thankful for the many women I have met, and supported over the last  few years. Most of all, I can hardly wait to meet all the new, expecting mother in Virginia that I can love and support as well.

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Richmond VA Doula: Baby Fiona’s Birth Story

Baby Fiona’s Birth Story

We were matched with Sarah after our birthing class instructor recommended her. This was our first birthing experience. I always wanted a doula and dreamed of having a fast, efficient birthing process. My goal was to have a completely natural(no-medical-intervention) birth. It’s funny how babies change everything.

I did get my natural birth, but the fast, efficient labor I dreamed of was just that, a dream. I ended up having prodromal back labor for 5 days before having Fiona towards the end of day 6. Sarah really helped us have confidence to keep moving forward, get rest when we could, and check in to see what progress I was actually making. We had tried to fix baby positioning with “cat-cows” and chiropractic care. She even came to the house, timed contractions, and we decided to get to the hospital “just in time” only to find out I had stalled once again. She ensured me we would figure out the prodromal labor and get this kid out.

Babies sometime take awhile to arrive

It was day 5 of labor with minimal progress, so Sarah suggested I see a local chiropractor (mine’s 45 mins away) to check my pelvic bones for alignment again. I saw her suggested Dr. on Tuesday evening and Fiona was out that next night. On Fiona’s birthday, I was on the phone with Sarah pretty much non-stop. I met with my OB that afternoon, Sarah waited patiently for an update. I got to my OB’s office at a 9/10 and we rushed to the hospital to start pushing. Sarah met us there and was calm and focused. I was exhausted from 6 days of labor – she encouraged me that I could finish the process and get my child out. She helped my husband, reassured him he was doing everything he could, and also re-communicated some things my doctor was telling me but I wasn’t processing effectively.

Baby Fiona is here!

Fiona arrived after 61 minutes of pushing. Sarah took priceless photos of her first moments in the world outside my tummy. We love her, she is amazing! Once you are pregnant, go to a birthing class and ultimately get Sarah as your doula!! You won’t regret it 😉