Oh goodness….Beckham is SO handsome! So blessed to be able to support this amazing couple!

Beckham Yoder 1024x576 Fredericksburg VA Doula: Baby Beckham

Having Sarah as my doula was so wonderful! She made a great birth experience even better for this first time mama! Even before I found out I was pregnant, I was pretty sure I wanted to have a doula when it came time to have my baby. I had heard so many positive things about having doula support during labor/ delivery so several months into my pregnancy I began the search. When I first met Sarah, I knew she would be fabulous! She is so passionate about what she does, and she really cares about making sure you have the best birth experience possible! I was induced on a Wednesday morning. It was uneventful for the first while, and I was able to enjoy some good laughs and relaxing moments before contractions started picking up. After my doctor broke my water, I was able to put Sarah to work. =) I was never nervous when I thought about having my baby, but it is amazing how all that calmness goes out the window when you are in the middle of those hard contractions! Sarah was great in helping me work through each contraction and also helped my husband in helping me relax.  At 7:30 that evening, Beckham Reed was born and what a handsome little boy he was! =) I am so glad Sarah was there to take pictures. She was able to capture those priceless moments as my husband and I met our son for the very first time! I will forever cherish those pictures.

Thank-you, Sarah, for all the time you invested in meeting with us and supporting my husband and I in our first birth experience. You are fabulous! =)


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