Brantley 1013x1024 Fredericksburg VA Doula: Baby Brantley


I had a rocky history with pregnancy prior to becoming pregnant with Brantley. My oldest was a c-section after 30 hours of labor and very little support. 10 years later I became pregnant with my first son, William. I became very adamant with him that I wanted to have a VBAC. I had done research and was learning about doulas when we got the devastating news that he had no heartbeat. I delivered my precious angel at 24 weeks.

When we made the decision to try again, I started researching and talking to doulas before I got pregnant with Brantley. I planned on delivering in Harrison, AR and there was no one in town that was a doula. I talked with Sarah and found that she would be willing to be our doula when and if we were able to become pregnant. Ironically I became pregnant within the next month.

The entire pregnancy was very stressful and emotional. Sarah was always a text or phone call away. At least once a week she would talk with me and just check and see how I was doing not just physically but emotionally.

I continued my focus on a VBAC until at 31 weeks I learned that there was a policy change at the hospital with staffing in regards to a VBAC. I immediately talked to Sarah about the options I had and what we should do. My husband and I decided after a lot of talking and tears (hormones) we decided that a c-section would be our best option because we couldn’t bear the thought of taking a chance on something happening to our rainbow baby.

C-section was scheduled and when we walked into the hospital at 5 that morning Sarah was right there with us. She kept me at ease until they took me to the operating room. She was so helpful after, getting what I needed and she took some amazing pictures. One of the most emotional moments that I am so glad she was able to capture was my daughter meeting her little brother. It brings tears to my eyes every time I look at the picture because the moment I remember so vividly was captured so beautifully.

Sarah even came to our house after we came home from the hospital to check on us.

Doulas are such a key resource to mommas no matter what your situation and I am so glad we were able to have Sarah as ours.



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