A new testimony from an All Things Doula birth! Enjoy

When we found out i was pregnant with our 2nd child I knew I wanted to try for a VBAC. I also knew that having a knowledgeable doula on my side would help me achieve my goal. When I was pregnant with my first I had heard about doulas but I didn’t totally understand their purpose. But this time I had a mission to find a great one. I wasn’t even sure where to start though. I posted in a local mom facebook group looking for recommendations or experiences and that’s when Sarah contacted me. What Sarah doesn’t know is that I had tried contacting another doula previous to Sarah contacting me but call it fate or divine intervention, that doula didn’t work out. Sarah and I met and instantly clicked. She seemed like she had a lot of experience. She had knowledge about the hospital I had planned on giving birth at, which I felt was important. And she seemed like an all around great, non-judgmental person. I was able to find an amazing prenatal care doctor. Unfortunately, she does not do births. But I knew with the support of my prenatal care doctor and the right (amazing) doula, it didn’t matter who caught my baby. As long as I had the right support system. And I did! Even though my little man came a few weeks early, Sarah was able to be there by our side for the whole ride. Having Sarah with us during this amazing, and fearful time was so helpful. She helped explain procedures and she had knowledge about the staff that worked with us. To top it off, she captured some beautiful pictures of a beautiful moment. I would highly recommend Sarah to everyone!! And if we ever get pregnant again we would definitely higher Sarah again!

DSCN7919 1024x576 Fredericksburg VA Doula: Baby Theodore


DSCN7906 1024x576 Fredericksburg VA Doula: Baby Theodore


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