As a doula…I want good things for you! Prenatally, I want you to have a listening ear, someone to give you researched based information, someone to listen to your concerns, someone to encourage you and to remind you that you are doing great. During your birth….I want good things for you! I want you to have a safe delivery, in an environment of your choice, time to greet your baby, time to nurse….and to help you realize that however you choose to labor…your body was made to do this and you are amazing. I want good things for you during your postpartum period….someone to listen to you talk about the birthing experience, someone to help with breastfeeding….someone to encourage you during a time when you are working on resting and healing. As a doula..I want the best things for you and I strive yo be sure you get them. Don’t you want a doula?


DSCN5114 300x169 Fredericksburg VA Doula: Dont you want a doula?


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