As a doula of 7 years, I am always looking for new “tools” to have with me in my doula bag. Specifically, ones that will benefit my clients and help them have a better, smoother birthing experience.

Tools I have utilized are:

Birthing Ball: These are beneficial, but do not have as much versatile uses. Some negatives are that they are often unstable, it’s not a once size fits all, and it can’t really be used when a client has opted for medication for pain relief.

Peanut Balls: Excellent for opening the pelvis when a client is laying down, as well as leaning over in knee/chest position. Negatives are that you can’t sit on them, or utilize when pushing.

Birthing Stools: Great for laboring in an upright position, but I have yet to find one that was comfortable for sitting on for more than a few minutes.

CUB: you can use in place of a ball, peanut or birthing, and a stool. It opens the pelvis, helps position of mother and baby, brings pain relief, and is more comfortable then any of the above three.

I stumbled upon a Facebook post about the CUB in the last month or so, and was very intrigued by it.  Since almost always have used some kind of device that would help progress labor, lessen pain, etc. at births there was some definite interest in how the CUB could be of use. I immediately started doing some research on it so I could learn as much as possible about its benefits and uses.


Here is what I discovered: the CUB, or comfortable upright birth, is an inflatable birthing tool. Shaped similar to a birthing stool, but infinitely more comfortable and allows you to labor in a variety of positions. It also has the benefits of being portable, easily cleaned, and much more stable during those long labors.

 I am also loving that this could be utilized as much with a client who had an epidural as one who was having a natural delivery. Having one birthing tool that can do both is great for me since my birthing bag can only hold so many goodies.  I am a supporter of anything that is low intervention and allows my client to deliver in the best, and safest way possible. I also want tools that can help clients feel more comfortable, more stable, and with less pain. The CUB really does fit the bill, and then some. It’s the equivalent of a birthing ball, peanut ball, and birthing stool all rolled up into one.

And comes in a few lovely shades of color!

Blue / Green / Purple

DSC 9283 e1473091003221 Doulas and Birth Tools

 Honestly,  I really liked the idea of being one of the first people in my area to utilize this amazing tool.  And hopefully be able to bring it into any and all locations I am working with clients at. If you only have room for one tool, this would be it.

You can read up on all it’s benefits here:



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