Mother’s Day


One day a year out of 365 we take time out of a busy life to celebrate women and mothers. I have been pondering this for days now, and have been wondering why we only take ONE day out of a year.

Mother baby e1494698183167 Fredericksburg VA Doula: Mothers Day

Each of these photos on this blog post I have taken in the last few weeks. And every one of them was taken on what appeared to be an average day with average women. Truth be told, there was nothing average about it. Average implies they somehow were not extraordinary.

Ramonaandmomma2 e1494698252593 Fredericksburg VA Doula: Mothers Day

And let me tell you, mothers are amazing, even more so on a seemingly average, rainy day when you had photos done.

DSCN0342 e1494698849599 Fredericksburg VA Doula: Mothers Day

Each day we have an opportunity to show just how special the women in our lives are, and to express our gratitude for all they do. This should never be restricted to just one day a year.

What 3 things stick out about your mother? (this can include a significant other, mother, or another special woman in your life – my answers are below)

  1. I remember my mom reading to me all the time growing up. This has instilled in me a love of reading. Which I have passed down to my children as well.
  2. My mother always played with us outside, bike rides, and forts.  Always cookies and hot cocoa after a long afternoon in the cold and snow in Northern Illinois too.
  3. She has always been so supportive of whatever venture I am on. As a mother now myself, I strongly see the benefit of doing that for your kids.

As we celebrate Mother’s Day, remember to express gratitude for all the little things. How often do we look back and realize that the little things were truly the big things. And remind yourself to celebrate wives and mothers all year around with the words you speak, and in action. For truly:  A mother’s love is unlike any other.

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