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Support for women is important no matter what, but more so shortly after delivering a baby. This blog post is just some thoughts about how we can better serve and support women during this stage. https://postpartumstrong.com/2017/09/11/what-is-your-post-birth-plan/

I am so enjoying this process of getting to know new people that are within the circle of birth. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to offer support and receive it back. And all in the name of women, for their support and their well-being.

In the past few months, I have met a handful of people that have a wealth of knowledge in their respective field. And its been wonderful to add to my long list of resources to offer clients.  It’s fairly important when working in the birthing field to be able to offer a resource for something when or if the need arises.

Serving Women

Met a great chiropractor (Dr. Kenneth D’Souza  http://balance4lifechiropractic.com ) who works with women pre and post birth. I have always felt that I myself needed to be comfortable using a person for a service before I could, in good conscience, refer someone to them. Am thankful I feel VERY confident in this chiropractor’s ability to care for the women I send his way.

Following my professional contact with Dr. Kenneth, I was able to meet a group of women working within the Women’s Health Physical Therapy  ( http://www.obgyn-physicaltherapy.com/ ) . Was able to really see and understand how they are helping women recover in the postpartum stages, and even with things that arise in different stages in pregnancy. Over the last few months, I have stayed in contact with the woman who is in charge of their social media and we have brainstormed different ways for us to support each other in what we do. The goal is to spread awareness, and support each other in many different ways. Blog posts and referrals are just a few of the many ways we are doing it.

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Long Beautiful Birth

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