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Postpartum during a Pandemic! What does that look like? What do we need to hear? And what do new moms and families need during this time!

All postpartum support, no matter what else is going on in the world, is important! I have been spending some time thinking about how much more postpartum support could be needed. Especially when families are delivering babies in the midst of a pandemic. Perhaps they lost the ability to have their doula with them or felt rushed to leave the hospital. Or even just feeling a bit overwhelmed with the transition to home with baby.

I have said for a long time that half the battle with the 4th trimester is knowing who to call when you have a need. Can I be that person? I love NOTHING more than knowing even at 10 months postpartum that someone knew they could call me for support.

So to answer what I feel like is a need in the community with pandemic life, I am offering a postpartum package that I hope can help fill that need! I tried to cover all the things, including but not limited to: food, breastfeeding support, a listening ear, sore bodies, access to a postpartum doula, etc.

This new package will include the following:

Fee $350

  • a 4-hour home visit: plenty of time to sit and chat, a shower, a nap / 45 minutes of this time will include an acupressure session and massage
  • 30-minute postpartum acupressure session (trained in postpartum acupressure)
  • 15-minute neck and upper back massage (previous licensed massage therapist)
  • will go over baby soothing techniques, swaddling, etc.
  • will have access to me via phone, text, email, or video chat for the following 2 weeks after the in-home visits
  • access to my lending library
  • sample packs of whole food nutrition to add to your diet (comes with added information)
  • 1 dozen lactation cookies (freshly baked)
  • 1 dozen energy balls for breastfeeding snacking (freshly made)
  • Breakfast (because everyone always brings dinner and breakfast is SO important)
    • 8 freshly made bagels
    • 4 giant chocolate chip muffins
    • quiche (options: Caprese or Bacon/ Sausage)
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Bagels freshly baked

Feel free to contact me with further questions or to set up a consult to meet!