I found this amazing blog post the other day about postpartum, and just what our bodies really need. The best part about this post was that it wasn’t some professional writing it, but a wife, and a mom of lots of kids. It took her until the 5th one to realize just how important it was to take back your postpartum recovery. Its needed!

As a doula, I am often reminded and reminding others, that if you don’t first take care of yourself you are unable to care for others. This most definitely applies to postpartum recovery. Its about healing! Allowing yourself time to do nothing, snuggle your baby, and sleep. And if people offer to come over and bring you food, do your laundry, or clean your house…..SAY YES!

Other than the emotional and mental side of needing the “do nothing” approach…there is also the physical side. This is another good part of this blog post:

“AND IF THAT DOESNT TUG AT YOU MOTHERLY HEARTSTRINGS KNOW THIS… (super practical advice I got from my midwife with Peter)
When you have a baby you are recovering from an injury that is deeply internal. Your blood needs to stay concentrated there to bring essential nutrients to heal your organs and make you strong again. When you get up and walk around, your blood abandons your core and flows into your extremities, which can massively prolong your recovery. Stay rested and keep yourself down as much as you can. Just think of your organs! They need you!”

Please though, read the entire post! Its excellent! Enjoy!



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