%name Valentines Day
Jessica & Bryan

Valentine’s Day! Happy Love day to all my clients: then, now, and coming! People love to make a big deal about random holidays! I feel like it can be over-rated sometimes. I swear by life being about the little things! So make every day a love day. Show your appreciate to your spouse, those babies, toddlers, and teenagers often; not just one or two days a year.

Also, enjoy Valentine’s Day, and hopefully there is a bit chocolate on this day for you!

Now that that is off my chest! Hello mid-February! My plans for you continue to be thwarted by gorgeous babies arriving. Not that I am complaining! Who doesn’t love a squishy baby who arrives into the world bringing a whole new understanding of the meaning of love?

Plans for February have been about being really consistent with postings things, but I am still working on relevant content for pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. I am also getting better about blogging on a regular basis so that I always have new things going up on my website! I want there to be good information on my website so that anyone who ends up on my page can find something helpful for their journey.

The next two weeks I will have an updated resource page, as well as new ways to stay in communication with me during our journey as client and doula. I might even get crazy and do a video. Stay tuned….

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