I serve Fredericksburg, VA and the surrounding areas; including south into Richmond, VA.  With years of doula experience, I am ready to support you through your birth journey. I am passionate about guiding women and their families through pregnancy, childbirth, and the post-partum while attending all types of births as a doula! My goal is to educate, encourage, and support women during this incredible journey to motherhood… Whether it be the first or fifth time…medicated or natural birth….cesarean birth or vaginal birth…whether it is a home birth, hospital, or birth center. Each mother deserves to be unconditionally supported emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Part of what I do for my clients is to support the laboring mom. This takes many forms, but could be encouragement, education, helping you walk through decisions, relaxation techniques, or suggesting certain position changes. On the other hand, it is very important to have a doula who knows how to respectfully support whomever is supporting that mom at her birth! Sometimes it is her husband, partner, mom, sister, or friend who needs emotional and educational support at the birth as well. It may be a different kind of support, but it is just as important to the laboring mother to have her loved ones better able to help her as well. I have experience working with many different life situations and many different types of support people, so I am ready to help whomever you want on your birth team.

doula richmond va 3 About Sarah

Laughter, joy, and years of experience are just some of the tools I bring for your birth.

Professional Experience

  • CERTIFIED Birth Doula through DONA
  • CERTIFIED VBAC Doula through VBAC Academy
  • Trained Postpartum Doula
  • 11+ years experience
  • Licensed massage therapist until 2008
  • Breastfeeding Trained
  • Adult and Infant CPR Certified
  • Acupressure trained for pregnancy, labor, and postpartum
  • Evidence Based Birth Trained
  • Tens Unit Trained
  • Attendance of 191+ births to present
  • Over 4000+ hours of total time spent prenatally, throughout labor and delivery, and postpartum support to women and their families
  •  Over 1000 hours spent offering support for laboring mothers

I was a licensed massage therapist before becoming a doula. That training and experience has been a HUGE asset for my clients. It helped me learn a great deal about the body, like how to specifically look where pregnant women hold tension. I can remind you when and where to release that tension, and how to help the body relax using different massage techniques.

Going through Birth Doula Training, I was able to learn and train under the doula I used personally for my second baby.  She eventually became my mentor! I was honored to be hired at her non-profit doula organization after becoming a certified doula myself. In 2014 I branched out in my own business. I still offer payment plan options and flexibility for all types of families.

doula richmond va 9 About Sarah

My background experience in massage therapy is a valuable tool for pre-natal, during labor, and post-partum.

Why I became a doula, what makes me passionate, and who supports me through it all.

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My two gorgeous babies! Their love and giggles get me through the day.

I have two beautiful children with my husband Matthew. We had an amazing doula, Ginny, for the birth of our daughter. Our daughter arrived at 35 1/2 weeks in an unexpected delivery, and we were so thankful Ginny was there supporting us. She created calm wherever she went, and over time I realized that I wanted to be able to offer that kind of atmosphere with love and support to pregnant moms.

If you ask my children what I do, they will tell you that I “go to the hospital and have babies.” All the love and support from my family has allowed me to attend over 155 births in the last 10 years. Doula work is crazy hard, but it fills my heart with doing something I love. I stay busy with my family, homeschooling my two children, spending time involved at church, and going to playdates with friends.

12049713 10156960529915556 542229817884712055 n 300x300 About Sarah

The man behind the doula! My husband, Matthew, who doesn’t mind when I run off to “work” in the middle of the night.

Random Facts:

I have a weakness for coffee, good books, HGTV, and 80’s tv shows.

You can often find me in a hoodie, baking something to fill my house with cozy smells.

I enjoy autumn, fireplaces, historic houses, and…staircases.


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