Birth Photography Packages

I have decided to add two separate packages for birth photography. One for clients wanting photography of their birth. And the second one for doulas wanting some photos of themselves in their element as they work to support women and their families.

I am a professional, certified birth doula and have been taking birth photos for clients for the last 7+ years.

 Birth Photography Package

Price $600

Because I am also a birth and postpartum doula, I will do my best to be as invisible as possible. I want to help ensure you have a peaceful environment to labor and birth within.

  • Documentation of your birth via photos from 5+ cm until 1 hour post delivery
  • You will receive 3-5 edited new baby photos within 5 days for you to use with announcements, etc.
  • 1 meeting prior to delivery for me to understand what you want, and have a plan for when you go into labor
  • Receive a USB with a minimum of 45 photos (typically more) within 3 weeks of delivery
  • ** Discount given if signing a photography release form **

Doula Photography Package

Limited time introductory price $325

This is for all the doulas out there that want photo of themselves working with clients, and doing what they are passionate about. This package will include the following:

  • Photo documentation of you supporting your client from 5+cm
  • Receive 5 hrs of time for me to document you in your element
  • Will do 1 visit prior to delivery to discuss details of what you might like / this done in conjunction with meeting your client who will need to sign a photo release form for me to be there for their labor
    • your client will receive 5 complimentary photos as well, for allowing me into their space
  • Receive a USB with a minimum of 30 photos (typically more) within 3 weeks
  • This package will also require a signature of my photo release form

Contact me for any and all questions!


Some of my photography is shown on my testimonial page if you wanted to see some of what I have done.  Photos

DSCN13212 e1504191502638 Birth Photography

Doula support helps bonding with baby and breastfeeding support and can including breastfeeding photos too.