My current fee pays for all of my time spent with and on the preparation for your child’s birth, my experience, and services offered. It is also a reflection of over 3,000 hours and 11+ years of experience that I have spent serving and supporting women before, during, and after pregnancy.

Services include the following:

Childbirth Preparation


This is an in-person, 3 hour prep class with me! Although I have a plan for how to approach this information, it will ultimately be tailor fit to your needs. It will include the following:

  • Having a healthy pregnancy
  • Signs and stages of labor
  • Comfort measures
    • Teaching your support person how to utilize these
  • Medications, procedures, etc.
  • First 2 hours with baby
  • Breastfeeding tips
  • Swaddling tips
  • Transitioning to home with baby
  • Book List
  • Resource list: lactation consultants, pelvic health, chiropractor options)
  • Handouts (coping suggestions, healthy snack choices, birth plan examples, etc. )

Virtual Doula Services


During this time of craziness it seems that doula support is even more important, but even harder to have them with you. To help in whatever way I can, I am offering virtual support. Includes the following: 2 prenatal meetings, labor and birth support, 1 week of postpartum support. You will have access to me via text, phone, skype, and any other form of video call. I will help you figure out this “new” process with 11+ years of experience to back it up.

Hybrid Package


Includes 2 prenatal meetings in-person, and 1 postpartum meeting virtual to help you prepare for labor and birth and afterwards help you transition with baby. You also have access to me via phone, text, email, video calling throughout the time we are together. Support during labor and delivery will be via text, call, or video call (so only virtual support)

Birth Package 


Includes prenatal meetings, labor, birth, postpartum, and breastfeeding support. Email, phone, and text support through your birth and postpartum period.  As well as birth photos if you would like. This is included with this package.

*Prenatal Support: I prefer to meet at least twice before labor begins. This allows us time to discuss your birth wishes, how I can support you, coping with labor, helping to write a birth plan (if needed), etc. I will also help you prepare ahead of time for your postpartum recovery. It’s important to think about this before the time arrives.

*Labor and Delivery Support: I arrive to your designated birthing place whenever you are ready for me.  I will offer information support during this process. I will also help with position changes, relaxation techniques, massage, acupressure and of course support your partner. If services requested, I will stay anywhere from 1 to 2 hours after delivery to help with breastfeeding.

*Postpartum Support: I will offer up to 2 weeks of postpartum support via text or phone. Will plan to see you one time postpartum after you have arrived home from your delivery location. Will assist with recovery, newborn care, and community resources that may be of help. I will also present you with your birth timeline and photos at your postpartum visit.

** I will take approximately 10-20 photos during labor (tastefully done) and baby’s first moments, as I can. This is included in your package and these will be given to you on a USB during your postpartum visit.

* Please note that should you deliver outside of a 50 mile radius there will be an increase in fee to accommodate travel time.

 Birth &  Extended Postpartum Package


Includes everything with the birth doula package (for details, see the birth services tab), as well as 8 postpartum hours, which includes postpartum support, baby care, and how to assimilate to bringing baby home. The 8 extra hours are to be used within the first 8 weeks post-delivery and will be split into two sets of 4 hour increments.

Extra Postpartum Support

For those who need the following:

  • First time parents
  • Any and all parents
  • Other children at home
  • Needing extra help with breastfeeding, parenting, soothing techniques and more
    • 4 hour postpartum visit – $120 (daytime only)
    • “Extra hands” postpartum shift / 5 hours from 6-11pm (or 5-10pm) – $140
    • 10 hour overnight support – $300
    • Will also create a package that serves your individual needs
    • * any travel time over an hour will incur a $15 gas/travel fee
    • Pandemic Package – $350
      • Check my blog for all the specifics of what this entails

%name Services

Fredericksburg Doula

Contact me for my current availability:

Call or Text 417-942-8974
or visit my Contact page for more ways to get in touch

** Please ask me if you have any questions or if you would like to talk about a flexible payment plan **

A doula is “a trained and experienced professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to the mother before, during and just after birth; or who provides emotional and practical support during the postpartum period. Studies have shown that when doulas attend birth, labors are shorter with fewer complications, babies are healthier and they breastfeed more easily.”


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