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Bryan & Jessica Abell Testimonial

I can’t recommend Sarah highly enough! I had no experience with doulas before meeting Sarah, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. She was there for me in the weeks leading up to my daughter’s birth, always responding to questions immediately with helpful information and even more helpful encouragement! She is so knowledgeable, an invaluable resource for a first-time mom with a million questions about what was happening to my body and the baby. With her support, I was able to stay calm through a 24-hour labor and a difficult delivery, including a lot of time laboring at home, as I hoped. (Sarah stayed with us the entire time and, unlike a lot of other doulas in our area, didn’t charge us extra for the long labor — which made a huge difference to my stress.) Her approach is focused on supporting the mom (and dad/others, of course!) and making pregnancy and birth less stressful and more healthy for everyone. She was totally supportive of what I wanted to do (e.g. having an epidural) and helped us think through decisions rather than pushing her own agenda. This was particularly valuable during my long labor, when she helped us understand what was happening and what it all meant. It also helped me hone in on how I was feeling and articulate my questions to the doctors. Even in the weeks after we brought our daughter home, Sarah checked in on us regularly. She even drove over to our house late one night in our first week home when my husband and I were exhausted, overwhelmed, and needing her encouragement! (She also took a few BEAUTIFUL photos during and after our daughter’s birth that I didn’t think much about before but am so grateful to have now.)

I can’t explain what a difference Sarah made to my and my husband’s experience of our first pregnancy, birth, and early weeks home with our daughter. She is a wonderful person and friend and a gifted doula, and I would recommend her to anyone. We would never have another baby without her!

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Having Sarah on our birth team was one of the best decisions that we made for our family! Sarah is so much more than this, but from the very first consultation we appreciated that she’s knowledgeable, enthusiastic, professional, and kind. When it came time for labor and delivery, Sarah was extremely responsive even in the middle of the night. When we all arrived at the hospital, Sarah was “in it” with us for the long haul, and it was a LONG process! She was steady and helpful throughout, but never over-attentive or intrusive. She worked extremely well with my personal support people, the nurses, and the midwives to give me the support that I needed. Even though I’d done a lot of my own research and preparation, having an experienced birth professional dedicated only to me and my family brought peace of mind that was invaluable. We highly recommend Sarah Newton to anyone looking to hire a doula. Thank you so much, Sarah!

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Cassidy Burke Testimonial

When I first found out I was pregnant I knew immediately that I wanted to do my best to attempt a natural epidural free birth. I was immediately terrified from personal experience with anesthesia and knew I wanted to do everything to avoid the experience if possible. I spent most of my pregnancy researching on pinterest, google, and any other outlet about laying9 my fears to rest- every single thing I found led me to having a Doula. I didn’t hire Sarah in the beginning- in fact I think we met in my last trimester and while she was only with me for that short period of time the work she did was a world of comfort. I cannot begin to imagine my journey through that last trimester and through my delivery without her. The birthing experience turned out to be everything opposite of what I wanted and I was forced to face my fears but having Sarah there was amazing. She helped keep me calm and helped me talk through the tough decisions we had to make, never once passing judgement or even truly offering advice just gentle listening as I worked my way through my feelings and came to my decisions on my own. She stayed with me through both days of my induction as well as my c-section and kept me company when my husband had to leave. I had a great physician and a great team of nurses but I also wholeheartedly believe that my positive birthing experience (because even though it was the complete opposite of what I wanted it still was so positive!) was also because I had the support from her. You need a Doula, but more than anything you need Sarah. Thank you so much for everything you did for us- you were the best decision ever!

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