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As always there is an ebb and flow to doula work. I have always been one to focus more on the birth side of doula work, simply because the area I resided in was more interested in those services. Now that I am in a much bigger, and progressive area in regards to doula services, it’s time to start offering even more.

This past week I worked on updating some things on my website to bring it up to speed with my new services. More ways I can offer support to women and their families is just a new development as I grow in my experience as a doula.

To being with:


This is utilized at any time after delivery.

My postpartum tab on my website has all the details to what I am offering.

Offering unique hours:

4-hour daytime shifts

 5-hour evening shifts


10-hour overnight shifts

You will also have the ability to hire me for 200+ hour packages that offer you a discount.

I am a certified birth doula, and a twice trained postpartum doula. I have over 1300 hours of time invested in women before, during, and after their births. My goal, as always, is to come in and help ease the transition of baby arriving. This looks different for each family I serve, so although I have an idea of what you might need, I can tailor it to fit specific needs as well.

Mother baby 1024x693 Now Offering Postpartum Services

All my information is on my contact tab.

I would love to talk or meet with you to see if we are good fit.


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